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We encourage you to invest in quality imagery that represents your work in it’s best light. We offer various packages for all budgets…from small to large projects. We’re so confident in our quality and pricing, we happily publish our fees. Please contact us if you need help choosing the right package for your project and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How many images do you shoot on a given project?

Answer: As many as we are reasonably able to, without sacrificing quality. Professional quality photography requires time. However, often times we are able to capture more images than planned. 

Question: Can we buy extra images if you take them?

Answer: Yes. All the images will be presented to you and you can select all the ones you want. Additional charges will apply for any selections over the package limit.

Question: What is the cost of additional images? 

Answer: It varies depending on the size (Medium or High Resolution) and the number of images you purchase. But they start as low as $40 each up to $95 each.

Question: What license rights do we receive and what does it include?

Answer: Our images come with an Unlimited Use, Unlimited Time, Non-Exclusive License. That means your firm may use the images for unlimited usages (all marketing media), for an unlimited time (no need to check back with us two or three years later). The “Non-Exclusive” means we retain the right to sell the images to other third parties. You are not allowed to sell, or transfer for no charge, any images to a third party except those firms involved in promoting your firm. Please contact us if you are aware of a third party that is interested in purchasing a license.