Recent Shoot: Archer Development and Horvat Architects

Are you waiting until summer to get started on your architectural photo shoots because of dormant grass and foliage?

We just finished photographing two medical office buildings in our less than “Colorful Colorado” winter drab.

(Before) Mainstreet Dental Building, Parker, CO

The two projects, located in Aurora and Parker, were designed and built by two brothers John and Dan Horvat who own Archer Development and Horvat Architects.

As part of a re-branding and marketing effort, the Horvat brothers asked me to photograph a series of interior and exterior images. Both projects are used for

(After) Mainstreet Dental Building, Parker, CO

various dental professions including orthodontics, oral surgeons, children’s dental, and tooth whitening.

We got some great shots of the interiors including waiting rooms, offices, procedure rooms and atriums. The exteriors were a bit more challenging however. With the shots being produced in mid-March and well before anything blooms, the images were a bit drab and lifeless.

When Dan asked me to “advance the season” a bit, we got to work. Using some of Photoshop’s advanced imaging functions, we added leaves

(Before) Wheatlands Dental, Aurora, CO

to the dormant trees, replaced the brown grass with fresh green sod, and added shrubs. We even removed a telephone utility box that was front and center.

While none of this information is new to photographers, I did want to write about it to remind our clients that they don’t have to wait until summer to get great results now. It’s true that there is a cost for doing the manipulation work, but if you need the images now, waiting until summer could cost you several months of marketing effort. That marketing time can’t be replaced and could cost you many thousands of dollars of future sales and revenue.

(After) Wheatlands Dental, Aurora, CO

If you need the images now and have been waiting for “things to green up”, consider the cost of waiting. You may find it too expensive.