We are pleased to announce the creation of iSitePhotos, a construction photo documentation service.

After many weeks of thought, negotiations and design we have officially launched our new service, centered around our website at www.isitephotos.com.

iSitePhotos was created to meet the growing demand for third party, indexed photo documentation. After being approached no less than four times in 2011 by general contractors requesting the service, we are excited to say we are ready!


Regional Training Institute, Ft. Carson, CO

Already we are seeing the fruit our service with a recent contract with Mass Services & Supply, a Pueblo based general contractor, to document the 138,000 sf Regional Training Institute at Ft. Carson, CO.

Other contracts are in negotiations, including two apartment complexes in Denver and Boulder.

There are so many reasons to document your project. From risk management to client collaboration, from reduced travel expenses to improved communications, the benefits outweigh the cost on every project. Consider the cost of a single delay due to a dispute with the city or municipality. The cost could go into the tens of thousands of dollars. Now consider having photographic documentation of your case instantly, online, for all parties to see. Multiply this by the size and scope of your project and it becomes obvious that the return on investment is significant.


The Peloton, Boulder, CO

Our Internet based system allows us to display your plans online with index points for each photograph. Shooting weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, we will upload the images to your project and index them to the points on the plans. We shoot thousands of photographs from the pre-construction stage all the way through to completion. Using our system as designed will greatly reduce dispute issues and vastly improve communications.

When you take into consideration all that can go wrong on a typical construction project, it just makes sense to have a photographic record of what’s being built. Now you can, and have a permanent record of your project.

For more information, please contact us at 888.644.6829 or visit our website at www.isitephotos.com.