Many of my clients have taken advantage of my Cost Sharing Program since it’s introduction in 2005. The reason is simple: savings amount to hundreds of dollars on a one-day shoot.

If you haven’t used it before or are a new client, here is how it works:

On any given building project, there are typically four to six firms that are interested in final photography. In the past, these firms would often hire their own photographer, making it more challenging for the building management to handle five or six photographers coming in at various times. Since there are typically a common set of images that the architects, general contractor and sub-contractors are (c) jephoto_2553interested in capturing, it made sense to me to create a way for my clients to share resources and shoot the project once. By doing this, we are able to offer our clients deep discounts compared to the cost of shooting it individually.

Discounts for the production fee begin at 35% and go up depending on how many firms are participating, maxing out at 70%. In addition, discounts for assistant fees, travel expenses or other production expenses are split evenly among the participating firms.

But is Cost Sharing right for your photography needs? Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you decide:

Do you have the budget to commission a photographer solely on your own?

Will broad scope images (images shot of the structure to show it’s size and shape) be of little value in your marketing?

Do you need an Exclusive Use License, limiting the use of the images only to your firm?

(c) jephoto_9484If you answered no to two or more questions, you will probably benefit from our Cost Sharing Program.

But what if you need specific images of your product? We can usually accommodate you within the Cost Sharing Program if your scope is not too extensive. If it is too extensive, we can also give you a separate quote on your specific needs. Just let us know.

With budgets what they are these days, the benefits of our Cost Sharing Program are becoming more important than ever.