In her article in the Wall Street Journal, Ann Hoak reports that professionally produced photography increases hits to real estate listings by 61% according to Redfin, a real estate brokerage firm in the Chicago area. You can see her article here.

“When people are searching for homes, they search by price range, location [and the numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms]. But then once they have the list, the visual piece becomes a larger and more important part of the decision,” says Jani Strand, spokeswoman for Redfin. “Photos are the first impression, and can generate interest and excitement, which leads to good offers.”

One thing I tell my clients is that the money they spend on quality photography will come back to them in faster sales and higher offers.

And it’s not just limited to the real estate market. Any industry that uses pro-produced photography is going to see higher returns.

Remember, just because you can shoot the images yourself, doesn’t mean it will be in your best interest. Really, can you imagine Lexus or Mercedes Benz shooting their own photography with a cell phone? Not going to happen.