No one likes guessing what professional photography is going to cost them. It’s almost like you need to be a private detective to get any information. It’s often a frustrating waste of time.

(c) jephoto_2553But, what if you were able to get the affordable pricing you need without having to interview dozens of photographers for it?

Well, Joel Eden Photography is excited to launch our “Show The World What You Can Do” campaign! We named it that because now you can more easily plan and budget your photo shoots and, thus, show everyone (c) Joel Eden Photography, Inc.what your firm can do. Our campaign is designed to get the word out that professional photography is not only vital for your company’s reputation, but it’s also easy on your budget.

This campaign centers around our four packages which are openly displayed at Our open pricing is designed to assist our clients and prospects with planning and budgeting their photo shoots. The packages start at under $700 and include Optimized Digital Images with Unlimited Use Licenses.

We hope this will allow our clients to shoot smaller projects that they wouldn’t otherwise, due to costs. When coupled with our Cost Sharing Program, our clients can easily stay under $500 for small projects.

We’re thrilled to make this available and hope it makes planning, budgeting and using professional photography easier than ever for our clients.

If you have any questions, please contact us here.